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Designed for performance! From 2kw mini to 8kw+ high wall systems as well as ducted. We serve home owners, landlords, schools, businesses, and not for profit organisations.
InstallationOur installation experts can assist you with placement, size, and other requirements.  
ProductFull product specifications on each product can be viewed at the official website
QuotesSimply request a quote and we will do a site visit. With tricky installs we have a range of product such as floor mount, ducted, and other styles that ensure you have options.
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Most Popular Products


AP Series High Wall

The go-to high wall heat pump. Great for general home, office, or shop use. From 2-8kw.


KW Series Floor Mount

The KW series is a floor mount system and is primarily a heating product.


Mini High Wall

The smallest heat pump around! Great for bedrooms and other small spaces.

Why Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps

Whether you are looking to efficiently heat or air condition (cooling in summer) just one room, multiple rooms or you are looking for a central heating solution for the whole home, Mitsubishi Electric has the ideal energy efficient heating and cooling solution for year round comfort. Every Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump is a product of painstaking research, relentless testing, and a resolute determination to improve upon vital performance characteristics. As a result, our heat pumps have become more durable, less costly to operate, quieter, easier to install and maintain, and better able to distribute air evenly throughout any kind of interior. 
This kind of commitment to quality enables our range to consistently win Consumer Awards such as the Canstar Most Satisfied Customers 2014, 2015, 2017, The Readers Digest Most Trusted Heat Pump Brand in 2015, 2017 and the Consumer Top Heat Pump Brand Award 2017.

AP series

Why Mitsubishi Electric hot water systems

Energy Efficient Hydronic Heating, Cooling and Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps
Increasing energy bills, coupled with the need to heat our homes and hot water efficiently, is driving the demand for alternative forms of domestic heating. Mitsubishi Electric has utilised their expertise and industry-leading technology to develop next generation Air-to-Water Heat Pumps – a super energy solution that combines both domestic hot water heating and space heating / cooling in one system.
On average, hot water and home heating needs combined account for over 67%*1 of the overall energy bill in New Zealand homes. Domestic heating is therefore an obvious area to target in reducing energy bills. This is especially pertinent during the winter months, where a combination of taking longer, hotter showers and the increased need for a warm and dry home, typically drives up power bills. A Mitsubishi Electric Air-to-Water Heat Pump System can help reduce your heating and hot water bill when compared to gas and direct electric systems.
Central Heating, Underfloor, Radiator or Pool HeatingCentral heating featuring underfloor or radiator heating elements, is the ultimate in home comfort. Using heat pump technology it’s the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat a whole home.
Smart Energy MonitoringEcodan Hot Water Heat Pump Systems come standard with built-in Smart Energy Control. This easy-to-use interface provides home owners with smart energy monitoring to maximise energy efficient operation.
Water Heating Even in WinterMitsubishi Electric Air-to-Water Heat Pumps are the dependable solution for year-round efficient hot water when you need it most. This will especially be appreciated during the winter months.
Quiet Outdoor Operation
With higher density housing becoming more common in New Zealand, quiet outdoor operation is important to keep your neighbours happy! Specific design features enable quiet outdoor operation to be maintained at all times.

Add Value to Your Home
Updating your home and water heating to a heat pump system is an investment that not only will pay off instantly with lower electricity bills for you every month, but is sure to make a real impression with potential home buyers in the future.
Environmentally Friendly
Did you know traditional electric water heaters produce up to three times the amount of greenhouse gas compared to a hot water heat pump? A hot water heat pump has the ability to make a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions.

AP series

Why Mitsubishi Electric ventilation systems - Lossnay range

Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation from Mitsubishi Electric is revolutionising indoor air quality. While most ventilation systems are no better than opening a window letting valuable heat escape, Lossnay brings fresh filtered air in and recovers heat energy from the outgoing stale air which is then used to pre-warm the incoming fresh air. The end result is a healthier, drier and warmer home whilst maximising energy efficiencies.
Control Moisture & Condensation Build-upThe lack of natural ventilation due to airtight spaces can lead to the build-up of moisture-laden stale air within the home. This is the perfect breeding ground for mould that can trigger allergy or respiratory problems.
Fresh Filtered Air Not Attic AirLossnay removes the stale air from the inside and introduces a constant flow of fresh filtered air filtered from the outside, so you and your family can breathe easy all year round.
Super Energy Efficient help save on power billsUnlike traditional positive pressure ventilation systems, Lossnay is a balanced pressure solution that pre-warms (or cools) incoming air which can help save on your power bill. It does this by recovered heat energy from the outgoing stale damp air. The end result is a healthier, drier and warmer/cooler home.
Retains heat to pre-warm incoming airRather than going to waste, Lossnay’s unique Heat Recovery Technology collects up to 86% of the heat energy in outgoing air which is then used to pre-warm or cool the fresh air vented in. In doing so, moisture build up in your home is minimised while healthy humidity levels are maintained and managed in the most energy efficient way possible.
How Does it work?
Rather than going to waste, Lossnay’s unique Heat Recovery Technology collects up to 86% of the heat energy in outgoing air which is then used to pre-warm or cool the fresh air vented in. In doing so, moisture build up in your home is minimised while healthy humidity levels are maintained and managed in the most energy efficient way possible.

Ventilation for all Types of Applications
There is a whisper quiet Lossnay solution to suit most New Zealand homes, from whole home ducted to single room applications. Lossnay is ideal for more airtight homes built to the current New Zealand Building Code.

Combine with Ducted Whole Home Heating
Maximise comfort by combining our ducted system with Lossnay Balanced Pressure Ventilation. Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Ventilation can be integrated with a PEAD Ducted Heat Pump System offering a complete home heating, cooling and ventilation solution.

AP series

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